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Custom Skull Wine Glass


HEYY!!! I made some etsy listings for my skull chalices to be customizable!! Check it out!!!!!!! You tell me what you want and I’ll make it just for you.

Prices range from $12 to $35 depending on size. They come in Black, Purple, Pink, White or Clear at this point.

Tell all your friends!

You know you want to drink out of skulls. 

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tsingy de bemaraha national park, a unesco world heritage site in western madagascar, is home to lemurs who, with thick pads on their hands and feet, navigate this six hundred square kilometer labyrinth of three hundred foot tall razor sharp limestone pillars.

photographer stephen alvarez (previously featured) remarked, “it’s an unbelievable experience to watch them [as] they jump like acrobats from the sharp pinnacles” — a feat made more remarkable given the vast chasm bellow.

in the malagasy language, tsingy means “where one cannot walk barefoot,” and alvarez noted that that given the difficulty of the terrain, it takes an entire day to walk half a mile.

nearly impenetrable, the area is described as a refuge within paradise. lemurs, like ninety percent of the species in madagascar, are endemic to the island, and thanks to the isolation of the refuge have evolved into tsingy’s eleven distinct species, including the decken’s sifaka seen here.

(via funnywildlife)